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Hello there readers.  I want to welcome you to my blog, where you will indulge in my past and future adventures in running an open marriage, pursuing daygame, and field reports on the innumerous ladies that I bring into my life.  I may sprinkle in some other aspects in my life here, just depending if it applies to the broader picture.

Now why the name Lord Connery?  It’s my moniker on Twitter that I go by, and I do quite a solid Sean Connery impression, all you have to do is ask and perhaps I’ll upload a few audio clips.  He’s also is within the archetype that I feel I best am represented by…the Bond archetype (much more on this to come later).  I was trying to think of some other monikers to go by…Rocco?  I’m a big fan of Rocco Siffredi cause like him, I’m one nasty dominant fucker in bed….and I do a pretty good voice impersonation too, but alas the world only needs one Rocco Siffredi!

And why the name FromBetaToAlpha for the blog?  To be honest, it all had to do with the realization of the complex layers of societal programming brought on by those who raised me, mainly my parents.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, and many still operate on such conditioning they’ve received while being raised by their parents…but for me there was a “rebel” that always sought to question my teachings.  And I’m sure some of you remember the usual shit that your mother or father would tell you about life…”you gotta go to college and get a degree and find a good job and work 40 years there and marry and have children and retire at 65, oh and you have to vote Democrat cause they’re for the working class and blah blah blah”…yeah that big line of vomit really irked me.  Every ounce of me fought that programming, and my history is quite the evidence of that fight.  The tale of that “unprogramming” can be saved for another blog post of course, since I don’t want to spoil too much breaking my cherry here on the WordPress interwebs.

Now that I have taken the Red Pill, there’s no going back…





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