Goal Time Means Go Time!

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It’s always nice to get a solid start on the New Year.  I’m never one to set up any New Year’s resolutions, as I find them absolutely silly…does that sound too gay to say silly?  Ah, fuck it.  Instead I like to set particular goals for myself that I’d like to achieve within the year.  Sometimes these goals are short and sweet, whereas others are key parts that need to be completed to achieve a larger multi-year goal, such as an end game income target.  It’s best to always break down much larger goals into executable pieces, so you do not get lost navigating towards the bigger picture accomplishment that you seek to achieve in your life.

December is always a nice month, as I imagine most would agree.  On top of it being the holidays, it’s just one of my favorite months to relax and wind down from a year chock full of achievements.  The time allows me to not only reflect on what I have accomplished, but to recenter myself in preparation for the next move on the chessboard of life (yeah that sounds gay but whatevs).  The last two weeks of every year I always do the following…

1.  Take a break from trading the markets.  Sometimes it’s just nice to disconnect from the futures and equities markets and focus on getting downtime.  It is definitely a stressful job at times, but also the most rewarding in terms of freedom.  Those last two weeks in December are also nice to spend time with family, making sure to keep the strong connections going.
2.  Plan out goals and timelines for the next year.  I’m a big fan of Caleb Jones aka BlackDragon and his systems of time management and goal planning.  During this time I will go over the goals I’ve reached that were planned for the year, if I was short on some or achieved other goals earlier than planned.  At any moment, I have some larger picture goals that revolve around finance, health, family, and women, and of course each of these can be broken down into smaller pieces that allow such pieces to be completed within a smaller time frame.

For anyone who might be curious as to what Lord Connery is working on for 2021, here is a look into some of my big goals for the year (at least the ones relevant to this blog).  Goal time baby!

– Achieve 15% bodyfat by June 1st, 2021 and 10% bodyfat by July 31st, 2021.  This is actually a body recomposition challenge that I wanted to do with my coach RedPillDad.  He’s been pivotal in helping me achieve my women goals which I will list soon.  As of the last few days of December I was currently in ketosis with a good amount of water weight already off coming in at 23.8% bodyfat at 255 lbs (using a Tanita 350 scale over at my personal trainer friends place).  However, this recomposition challenge does come with a price if either or both of us lose.  If I fail to reach the 10% goal by the deadline, for every 1% bodyfat over my target is the equivalent number of fat chicks I would have to game and fuck, and somehow with evidence of doing the deed!  Anyone remember going hogging out in college?  Well same concept!  At first the bet was to have to fuck a 300 lb fat chick and for each % of bodyfat above the target was the equivalent amounts of cooked BACON that one would have to eat off such a large woman.  I came up with that condition cause it was just plain disgusting…and borderline improbable to even set up!  My personal trainer says differently and has claimed rights to pick the hogs if I indeed lose.  And I’m in Texas so I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to find one since many here love their BBQ and 2 liters of soda each day. 

– By the end of 2021 I want to obtain 3 separate FWB’s on the side and have a 4th on constant rotation.  What can I say, I’m a highly sexual creature, and I also like variety of girls to have in my life.  The most favorite FWB who has the predisposition might be taken under my wing to mentor in life (I always strive to leave a girl in a better shape than she was before she met).  As for the types of girls, I did have a very particular list to acquire, although in general all must be feminine, but some fun specifics to shoot for….a girl with no gag reflex that adores blowing me and taking my massive Peter North sized load in her mouth….either a black or latina girl with a really cute bubble butt…a bite sized Asian girl,  hey why not set such crazy ass goals right?  Fill the roster with regulars and constantly seek to replace them with higher quality girls that I wish to keep on rotation.  Sure some will come and go, looking for a beta boyfriend to give all the time and attention they need, but they won’t get fucked good and hard from such boys, and if I follow BlackDragon’s system, they’ll almost always want to come back.  Not many men out there are dominants and well versed in the dark arts of BDSM like I am.  Once girls in my life experience it with me, they crave it in almost a pavlovian response when I am present with them, and of course while holding the correct frame at all times.  The one thing I really didn’t take into account with this goal is the LOGISTICS involved in making sure to see each of these 3 separate FWB’s once a week.  I’m a busy goal driven man so it might have to come down to seeing all 3 or 4 in one day!  The favorite gets dibs on the overnight though! 

At this current point of my writing, I am at 241.2 lbs while maintaining just about the same lean mass, so progress is going well.  Also with the extensive Padawan training from RedPillDadon learning game and how to successfully navigate the realm of online dating, I may have a hot young Latina on the roster already!  Obviously details to be posted later, but wow what a way to get a good foot going into the year!



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