Maximize Success for your Online Dating Profile

“Alright man, just gonna be brutally honest, you’re a good looking guy, very handsome, but you seriously need to drop some weight if you want to be successful with online dating.”

Yes, that was solid honest advice from my coach RedPillDad, and was he ever right.


The world of online dating (OLD) is truly black pill as they say, relying not on game but purely on looks alone.  If you want hot chicks you better look fucking good cause that’s the only way you’re going to score tenders of that magnitude.  If she’s going to swipe right on you, make sure you have a shirtless pic like Johnny Lawrence over here…

So in my current situation what was I going to do?  I had some weight to lose but wasn’t going to literally wait until I got down to my goal of 10% body fat before I would start the online dating quest.  I was curious what I could possibly pull right now in my current state.  As a scientist I also figured why not take some data, see how many apps I use and how many swipes per week equate to how many matches and dates and lays and whatever the fuck I could measure.  

RedPillDad gave me the super deluxe guide for online dating.  The very first step was getting solid photos done in the recommended scenarios below

  • Face closeup of me looking cool/aloof
  • Looking stylish and well dressed
  • Pictures with chicks
  • Good picture with an animal
  • Cool vacation pic at some epic spot or vista
  • Miscellaneous pic such as sitting drinking coffee 

I hit up Facebook in my neighborhood group and made a quick post in search of a photographer to do the photoshoot.  Within minutes I had a solid list of recommendations so I started to see who was available and what the turnaround was. 

I actually went along and hired two photographers, one was a solid recommendation to do the larger photoshoot, another was to just test out her new abilities and do the dog picture (didn’t really want to have to bring my dog to a 2 hour photoshoot and manage him shitting every so often).  For the dog pic, I hired this one young photographer, let’s call her Brit, to just do that picture.  When she showed up for the shoot not a block away from my residence, an idea instantly popped into my head.  This girl was petite and young, not to mention a cutie, so during the photoshoot (which she brought her timid and needy boyfriend) I literally just asked her if she’d model for my photoshoot I had scheduled for the coming weekend.  I let her know the dilemma, that I need pics with girlfriend material for my dating profile.  She looked at her boyfriend for his approval…and the apprehension between them was quite palpable…so at that moment I just straight out told him “look man I’m not going to sling your girls legs over my arms and get pics of me trying to lower her on my cock, I just want to use your hot girlfriend for some good candid pics and she’ll earn some good quick cash for her time.”  At that moment I didn’t see why he or she would refuse, especially since both worked in construction for minimum wage and she’d be earning many multiples in just an hour.

Later Brit messages me back on FB messenger…

“We’re on for the photoshoot but my boyfriend still wants to come, he says he’s not jealous but I know he is.”

L O fucking L as I thought to myself laughing. 

“Sure I don’t care just as long as he doesn’t sob while we do our pictures, I need you to be immersed in this shoot.”

Well Sunday the 27th came about and we all met up with the photographer down near the waterways in The Woodlands.  The photographer got all sorts of fun candid shots of Brit and I, very natural photos.  The photographer showed us the pictures and they did look good, but I needed something to stand out in at least one of these pictures…

“Follow me on over near the water, I want to get a picture of Brit sitting on my shoulder.”

I figured why not showcase how big and strong I am, and that I like to pick up petite little cute girls with ease…with the intention of lowering them onto my cock of course.  I went ahead and easily lifted this girl who was probably 100 lbs and sat her little tush on my right shoulder, and held her legs against my body with my right arm.  The pic I will post further down the page (I’ve gotten a lot of comments about it, all positive too, mostly girls saying “I want to be her!” or “yes sir please do that to me”).

The couples photoshoot was finally done.  Brit was no longer needed and her boyfriend was stewing in butthurtedness since he spied on the very last few pictures we took, so I went ahead and gave her the scrilla for the session and mentioned we should connect later for some interesting ideas moving forward I had (mainly to utilize her as a wing while on college campuses, but also to rub her boyfriends face further in shit…Jesus why was I such a dick LOL).

The photographer and I went along to Market Street and took more photos of just me outside, action shots, candid shots, all that jazz.  Here were the ones that I used for my profile.

So now that the pictures were complete it was time to craft my profile.  RedPillDad had recommended to do Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Seeking Arrangement.  We were to utilize Andy’s BDSM Tinder method from KillYourInnerLoser.  Hinge was to basically mirror the same setup as well, whereas Bumble was to be a bit more conservative due to the uppity atmosphere girls held on that app.  

Here were the pictures that I selected for all 4 apps.





The first pic was my main profile pic, then moving across the other pics were fitting most of the guidelines set forth by RedPillDad (cool pic looking aloof, pic with an animal, pic with a chick, etc.).  I did blur out my face for the time being, only cause I don’t see the purpose of revealing my identity just yet.  Friends and colleagues who are reading this know what I look like so we’ll leave the mystery for others.  The picture of “Brit” on my shoulder along with the BDSM picture of the cute curly haired girl with the belt around her neck (which actually looks a lot like the wife btw), well these two pictures have really been the talk among interested girls on the apps.  I’ve also gotten shit tests being asked if the girl Brit was either my daughter or my concubine, but it does give me a chance to defeat the shit test and get a good feel where a prospects interest lies.

Just to beat the message in, having out of the ordinary and even borderline risky pictures will pay off big time.  By far the best responses to both pics was by one young cute Latina, she said “oh hell yes” to the pic of me propping Brit up on my shoulder, and then to the BDSM pic her text to me “not to be so forward so early, but when I saw your last pic…I just wanted to be in her place.”  The cute Latina I speak of I am seeing on a regular basis…but that is a story for another time.

Now with pics done, it was time to work on the profiles.  The advice was to keep it short and sweet, some playfulness, some subtle (or overt) lines about BDSM, and just setting the right amount of intrigue and mystery.  I did want to mention some very minimal aspects of my former work, something which led to some of the best and worst experiences in my life, but also provides a hook where the female viewer may have a thirst to know more…that is if the pics pass the initial test.



I used to get in trouble for pulling girls hair….funny how things change (purple devil emoji)
Futures trader, risk taker, wine aficionado

As you can see, short and sweet.  Just had to let the pictures do the work


Former research scientist in weapons development, but blowing things up got boring. 
Now a futures trader, risk taker, wine aficionado, still like to blow things up though…
One piece of shrapnel had me come between life and death…ask me about it sometime.
Bonus points if you know what shibari is

I’ll spare the rest of the details such as basic info, employment, education, gender (they give man, woman, and then 120 or so different fucking selections that make you wonder where this society is going to…which is in the shitter lol)

On Bumble they give you 3 prompts that you can answer in order to put out some more information about myself.  I avoided the super serious relationship type prompts and went for the more playful ones.  

Prompt 1: My 3rd grade teacher described me as….
a highly intelligent comedic trouble maker

With this prompt I wanted to put an extra few qualities of mine out there.

Prompt 2: My zombie apocalypse plan is…head to my super secret ranch and enjoy my wine collection

I don’t really have a super secret ranch cause otherwise why would I be advertising its super secretness…but I do tie in enjoying my wine

Prompt 3: If I could have a superpower it’d be…ooh that’s a tough one, can’t I just have them all?  Ok fine…telepathy!

I was really tempted to put something highly sexual and polarizing but I kept it to something innocent.

For Bumble, they kept taking off any sort of BDSM related picture unless I was in it so I just let it go and worked with what I could.


Now for Hinge, you were able to add prompts for all your pictures.  There are also up to three text prompts you can choose from so here were my answers

Prompt 1:  Two truths and a lie….Former research scientist in weapons development.  Wine aficionado.  Love long walks along the beach.  (Last is the lie obviously)

Prompt 2:  The secret to getting to know me is…don’t be afraid to say hey, I’ll take care of the rest (stole this from Andy from KYIL)

Prompt 3:  I go crazy for…Food and wine pairings.

The picture prompts were the following
Main photo of me standing “caption this photo”
Pic of Brit on my shoulder “A special talent of mine”
Pic of me sitting “My good side”
Pic of BDSM girl with belt around neck “Guess the backstory of this photo”
Pic of Brit looking at me “This could be us”
Pic of the dog and I “Felt cute might delete later”

Seeking Arrangement:









On the About Me section…

I’m kind of like Tony Stark, used to design weapons but blowing things up got boring.
Life isn’t worth living without taking risks 
Wine aficionado
Bonus points if you know what shibari is

Other fun facts about me
– Risk taker, have cheated death on multiple occasions
– One piece of shrapnel had me come between life and death…ask me about it sometime
– Avid backpacker when I can get out to the trails
– Really into pairing wines with food.  You’ll find me selecting the tasting menus at those fancy restaurants

Discretion, Flexible Schedule, All Ethnicities

I’m just looking for fun loving ladies who are feminine, open minded, spontaneous, and love to go on adventures.


And there you have it.  All 4 of my profiles with pictures and content.  As time goes on I might make some subtle changes to the profiles, especially as I continue to drop weight.  Maybe I’ll get that cool shirtless jeans in the ocean pic going on the next run!




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