Body Recomposition Challenge with RedPillDad!

Negative motivation…what a powerful tool it is.

My current negative motivator is quite a large one, pun intended.  A body recomposition challenge that I am engaged in with my coach RedPillDad is as follows:  We started roughly the same time in late December post Christmas munchies.  Both RedPillDad and I are very tall and built guys, 6 foot 3 inches and starting in at 260 pounds, and although our physical frames look decent for guys our sizes, we both know that getting super leaned out would make it much easier bringing women into our lives, well definitely for RedPillDad since I am well behind him in the skills of game!  But I am determined to catch up!

So June 1st is our deadline to reach 15% body fat, which is not going to be too bad of an initial goal, with 10% body fat to be reached by July 31st…which is the real tough one.  Now a challenge isn’t much of a challenge without some sort of skin in the game right?  In the past I’ve done challenges with friends that have had conditions where the loser pays for the winner when we all decide to attend a 13 course dinner with wine pairing at a Michelin star restaurant.  Challenges like that are fun, but I don’t want to reward myself with such a feast, especially after reaching 15% or even 10% bodyfat.  I would almost feel that I couldn’t enjoy the meal, since I would be undoing some of the hardest work done in my life with extravagant foods and metabolism killing alcohol.  I wanted to make sure to have a much more negative motivator that has us both playing to win, cause there was no fucking reason to lose.

So what was the negative motivator…what is the punishment if either one or both of us do not reach our goal by the deadline?  The most brutal of punishments, of course!  We have to not only fuck a 300 lb (or more) fat chick but also eat bacon off her.  Yeah I know it sounds ludicrous right?  I have no fucking clue why I even brought this up as a punishment but I was brought back to a time where I once paid a very large woman in New Jersey money to watch her devour 200 chicken mcnuggets during a webcam show….I have no idea why the flashback hit me but I thought it would be just the right amount of wrong in a punishment.  What fattie would even agree to get fucked and also allow cooked bacon to be eaten off her soft squishy rolls.  Well I’m sure there’s gotta be some super secret cult of fatties who engage in this shit on a weekly basis, and besides I’m sure Fetlife has some subcategory for this shit.  I also live in Texas where people love their BBQ and 2 liters of sugary ass soda, so finding someone up for the challenge won’t be hard.

Who wants to eat bacon off of her? Any takers?  Yes I made her eat 200 McNuggets during a webcam show…and it was fucking GLORIOUS!

Ok, back to the specifics of the punishment.  For each percent of body fat we’re above our goal, we have to eat that many pounds of cooked bacon off such a large woman.  My personal trainer friend says the goal is doable and also asked for the honor of picking out the hog if I indeed lose….and he also wants to be there in person to watch the whole thing.  Well since I have to record this shit if I lose, he might as well hold the fucking camera!

Well enough about the punishment, as I’m sure my readership is probably getting sick to their stomach.  Y’all are wondering “how the fuck are you actually going to pull this off Lord Connery!??!?!?!?”

One thing that I can say is that I know what has worked for me in the past regarding fat loss.  I’ve always responded really well to low carb/keto diets, intermittent fasting, one meal a day, and multi day fasts.  Losing weight is 90% reliant on diet, so if I have that dialed in I just need to keep my lean muscle mass on my body through weight training.

The following approach is highly aggressive, but I do want to get a lot of momentum going in the early stages to keep the psychological drive all there.  For the first 2 to 6 weeks which started January 4th 2021 (I actually trimmed carbs the week before starting December 28th 2020 just to allow for the shift in water weight to occur before tracking progress), I started Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss diet.  Some of the core concepts of the diet revolve around eating enough protein to stave off lean mass loss, eating literally no carbs and only allowing EFA’s for your fat consumption (in the form of flax oil or fish oil caps, preference to the consumer).  For a person my size, my daily protein requirements were 250g of protein a day.  Where did that number magically come from?  I measured in at about 200 pounds lean body mass on my personal trainer friends Tanita BF 350 scale.  I was category 2 in the book since my starting body fat fit within the range of 15-25%, and since I also was choosing to do weight lifting 2 times a week, my protein multiplier came out to 1.25 grams per pound of lean body mass.  It’s a very simple diet to adhere to cause there are a lot of limitations to the foods you can consume.  Lean chicken breast, tuna, egg whites, extra lean ground beef, fat free yogurt and cottage cheese, and of course an unlimited amount of fibrous veggies to keep you full and dropping deuces on a regular occasion.  Seasonings to go along with food is the key, cause if you’re eating bland foods you’ll want to kick yourself in the nuts.

Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook…should be on everyone’s bookshelf

As a category 2 candidate, I was also allowed a free meal each week as well as a structured refeed each week, both of which I chose to do on my lifting days.  A free meal was basically a meal that met the caloric requirements of what 250 grams of protein would give me, but it could be anything I wanted to eat.  This free meal is done for more psychological reasons since it’s much easier to adhere to a diet where you’re hardcore dieting 3-4 days in a row and then allow yourself a single meal pause before starting back up.  The structured refeed was the addition of starchy carbs to my normal meal, where the total calories could come up to almost maintenance level for that day.  This was to allow glycogen stores to be replenished in my muscles and also allow leptin levels to come back up.  All the details of the diet can be found online, and Lyle McDonald does talk about them in detail in some YouTube videos.  

I was going to look to ride out this particular diet for the first 2 to 6 weeks and melt off as much fat as possible before going onto the next stage…an old protocol that I really enjoyed and kept my body lean for a good deal of my 20’s and 30’s.  It was known as Swolegenix by Chris “Swolecat” Janusz, who I found long ago on the John Stone Fitness forums (which have now closed as of 2020).  The protocol had a diet and lifting component that revolved around the use of ECA stack fat burners, doing morning fasted cardio upon wake up every day, lifting 4x a week and having your protein and carb meals immediately after your workout, one which included a protein shake with dextrose powder to be consumed within 15 minutes of the workout.  There are certain elements that I am not going to do such as the ECA stack (feel too jittery on it) and also eating 6 meals a day (there’s no science behind it).  I’ll be integrating an intermittent fasting plan to where I consume my protein + fat meals pre workout, and then do my protein + carb meals post workout, giving enough of a window to get in my macros.

I’ll likely keep on this second protocol for 6 weeks, which is usually the right time when a deconditioning period would hit for weight training.  From that period until the deadline, depending on where I stand in terms of lean mass, fat loss needed, and overall condition, I can stick with the current protocol, or shift into another round of Rapid Fat Loss, or even go more drastic and head into a series of multi day fasts, or best case scenario…I hit my goal early!  That’s wishful thinking of course, but I alone have the power to make it happen.

Now once I actually reach my goal, whether it’s early or at the deadline…or God forbid late…I must pivot quickly into a new health goal.  Some people just hit their target and just stick to some sort of maintenance diet, which sounds great for most people right?  I mean why not reach your goal and enjoy it while keeping an eye on any sort of rebound.  In my book, if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward.  Times arrow will only make shit harder for us all when it comes to the concept of maintaining.  Back in my 20’s it was easy to maintain my bodyweight, in my 30’s it was harder, and here in my early 40’s yeah it’s become a larger challenge.  

So once the goal is hit, I figure I will be fine with a constant oscillation of periods between bulking and cutting, and perhaps allowing maybe planning a much shorter window of maintenance to overlap with a period of travel or some family event.  

Now with all that said, I did manage to take some beginner pictures and an update pic

Picture starting in at 12/28/2020, those man boobs will be gone!
Update pic 1/11/2021 can already see “some” changes…well I felt the changes!

The challenge is on!  Will post some updates in a new thread as time goes by…wish me luck, or hate on me in the comment section, I welcome both!


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