Progress Update from my Padawan Training with RPD!

It’s been almost 2 months since I started my game training with the venerable RedPillDad.  So without writing a novel over various posts separating my experiences with cold approach, online dating, first dates, and my first ever lay, I’d rather just condense it into a quick 10 minute news flash.

First, doing cold approach during these times is hard, but still great practice.  I must admit that it was pretty hard to just jump right in after being out of the game for such a long time.  But I’m a quick learner and I’m fearless so I tend to just go balls deep into anything I’m committing to.  At first I’d start out my cold approach in some of my normal outings, such as the supermarket.  And this was just me going up and starting conversations at first…something that I found somewhat difficult as an extrovert only cause there was another purpose behind it!  At first it’d be going up to anyone to spark up conversations….old ladies, bros from the gym, the sample dude who speaks broken English at the deli counter, whatever there was to partake in, I went for it.  Then of course I kicked it up a notch and started to approach good looking ladies.  The first handful of cold approaches to such ladies definitely felt awkward, and from what I could read on their faces and reactions, it probably felt the same too.  But once I got the nerves deadened it became much more natural.  Total Wine is one of my favorite places to go for cold approach cause it’s a store that I can relate to, since I am very much a wine connoisseur.  The environment gives me context to work with and the ability to demonstrate value as a man of refined tastes and knowledge of the world, albeit thru wine.  I found cold approaches here to be much easier to do, and thus I was also able to relax more and immerse myself.  Still no numbers yet from cold approach but it’s a work in progress.  I did tell RedPillDad that I wanted to still get practice in this realm but to switch over my focus to the realm of online dating.


For online dating, knocking out first dates has been challenging, but fruitful.  If anything it has been excellent practice on how to execute and calibrate, as well as what to expect realistically.  One Thursday far back I scheduled 5 dates in a row, ping ponging between a coffee shop and a restaurant.  All the girls were from Seeking Arrangement.  I brought my computer just in case since I sensed a great disturbance in the Force that I’d get flakes.  Lo and behold, the first girl was a flake.  The second girl showed and was a successful first date, as she never asked about pay per meet or arrangements and admitted to me that she was interested in older men.  The third girl…not five minutes in she was laying down figures on how she wanted to be compensated as a sugar baby, telling me if we were to move forward this is what she was worth.  I politely told her for her weekly allowance demands, I could book a roundtrip flight to Montreal and enjoy 3 lovely escorts, 2 sucking my dick and one pouring wine into my mouth.  Yeah, hard pass honey.  Fourth girl flaked, no biggie.  And the last girl who I saved the best for last, she showed up although 10 minutes late but still showed, and the date was solid.  One particular evening I met another girl off SA, real sweet girl, but not 5 minutes into the conversation I got a whiff of her breath…hali-fucking-tosis….I swear her throat must have been ridden with tonsil stones or something dead.  I was brought back to a memory of getting a blowjob from an ex who used to get stones frequently, and I remember my dick would always have some sort of death smell on it afterward.  I vowed on that day that I’d never let my cock endure such fuckery.  I was drinking Pellegrino and lime juice so when she wasn’t looking, I took a finger of lime juice and gave myself a faux “dirty sanchez” and thus masking her breath with the lime scent.  Men who are reading this…drastic times call for drastic measures!  Don’t let your cock be a victim of the tonsil stone ridden throat!  Think before you jam your shaft in and face fuck her!


Ok enough of that disgusting thought…I’ll end with the good stuff.  

The very first night I launched my online dating profiles was indeed a fruitful one.  Of all the apps that I mentioned I built profiles on, the most success I got was from Hinge.  I’ll spare the details of what the other apps produced, as they all are different and have stories of their own, cause I do want to focus on the good stuff.

As I mentioned before in my previous post, the two pictures that really caught the eye of the female Hinge population were the BDSM picture of the cute curly haired girl with a belt around her neck, and of the hot petite girl sitting on my shoulder.

Quite a few girls responded to those pictures asking details about them, and furthered questions about the world of BDSM they were unaware of.

One girl however put a comment on my pic with “Brit” on my shoulder…

“Does this go me, yes lol”

A quick view of her profile, cute 5’0” Latina who was into LOTR, The Witcher, video games, and dive bars.  My response?

“Well then, toss a coin to your Witcher”

And hers?

Sing it bard!!!

“O’ valley of plenty, also tossing all the coins!  What’s up how are you?”

Good sign so far, a nice calibrated line to embrace her nerdiness (along with mine!).  The conversation went well, talked about what brought me to Houston, what sort of alcohol we enjoy depending on what type of conversation we wish to have (coffee for a good convo, wine for a sexy one, hard liquor for a raunchy one…her words)

“I hate to be so forward so soon, but your last profile picture, tell me about it” she says.

She brings up the BDSM picture, belt around the neck.

“What’s the first feeling that comes to your mind about it?” I say.

“Oh honestly?  I’d rather be in her place.  Didn’t think of who she was, what she did, why she was there, why you took that picture.  I just wanted to be her.”

And this is where the conversation really got steamy.  Long story short, we got a date set up for the next week to meet over drinks, went back to her place, ate her pussy despite being on her period (yeah I’m a nasty mother fucker but it still tasted great), made her come a handful of times, got an amazing blowjob that night, and left that girl wondering what the fuck just happened that night…

It’s not that bad fellas…and if you have a beard like me, you can go by the name “Redbeard”

I’ll probably stop the lovely text story there, as I will be writing about her in depth later.  I can tell my readership this, that she’s now a regular who calls me “daddy” and is highly sexual in nature, with an insatiable drive that even has me questioning if I can keep up…of course I can keep up!  If you only saw some of the texts between her and I…holy fucking shit…


I know, I know, you’ve come to the end and you’re wondering “WHAT THE FUCK LORD CONNERY, WHERE’S THE FUCKING DEETS MANG!??!?!?!?”  

I have the following stories being written at this moment and will get them out when I can.  The following stories, coming soon to a blog near you!


Toss A Coin To Your Witcher – My first regular….my artsy hipster “always wet” girl who cannot get enough of my cock.

Grueling Statistics About Online Dating – Yes I recorded actual fucking stats and this is what needs to be done in order to be successful.  GET AFTER IT BROMASTERS.

When Lord Connery Took The Red Pill – My origin story from start to finish (and yes this one is fucking long so it might take time to finish).

Frame Control Examples – I’m no expert as I am still a student but one who learns quick, but I have some excellent examples of how I have been able to control neediness of some girls and turn it to my advantage thru the use of the “daddy” / “dominant” persona I have.

Potential Regular #2 – Just today I had a very immersive date with a lovely 20 year old girl off of Seeking Arrangement.  The best part….she’s by no means a sugar baby looking for a man as a resource…yup that’s right fellas, she was on that site cause she craves older men!  

Positive Feedback Loops – How achieving goals in one area create momentum and drive you to achieve other goals faster.  “Yesssss Anakin, achieving goals GIVES YOU FOCUS….MAKES YOU STRONGER!”

It gives you focus….makes you stronger!

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