YOU SHALL NOT CUM!!! Mental blocks of mine and how I fixed them!


When starting my journey on having sex with other girls outside of my marriage, I was super excited to have opportunities at 41 to be balls deep in young 20 something year old girls…but I also thought that it was going to be a little nerve wracking for me.  Even in my past, every girl that I ever got with for the first time, I’d get some sort of performance anxiety that would leave my cock limp on the battlefield of pussy slaying!  


Crazy Pakistani off Seeking Arrangement

Fellow readers…I officially have a stalker, and holy shit this has brought back some memories!  Before I describe some of the creepy crazy qualities of this Pakistani girl, I must go back and tell some tales of my past, only cause they’re just fun to share.  While I write this, a constant influx of messages from her keeps hitting my SA inbox.  I’ll post these goodies at the end.

When A Unicorn Scenario Crosses Your Path…DON’T FUCK IT UP

Hello readers!  I wanted to give a quick update of a very interesting date that happened last night, and which also relates to a date I had earlier last week!

So last Friday night I met up with a 22 year old Venezuelan girl, we’ll skip her name but we can call her catfish.  On her Hinge profile she had a lovely face, and given her height of 5’7″ and her body picture, she looked like a decent catch with maybe a nice sized big ass…and I don’t mind a little cushion especially if it’s a nice round ass on a girl.  From our short text convo she seemed to be dominant and intense, something I don’t really care for, but I wanted to get some practice in frame control, dominating my frame over hers like Sauron was going to dominate all of Middle Fucking Earth!


Did someone call me for domination?


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Positive Feedback Loops – How achieving goals in one area create momentum and drive you to achieve other goals faster

Hello readers, Lord Connery in for another writing on this fine evening.  I’m currently hanging out at a Common Bond Cafe and Bistro, doing a call with a prospective client, and then meeting a lovely 22 year old Venezuelan for a first date, looking to follow Blackdragon’s Two Date Model.