Positive Feedback Loops – How achieving goals in one area create momentum and drive you to achieve other goals faster

Hello readers, Lord Connery in for another writing on this fine evening.  I’m currently hanging out at a Common Bond Cafe and Bistro, doing a call with a prospective client, and then meeting a lovely 22 year old Venezuelan for a first date, looking to follow Blackdragon’s Two Date Model.

It’s only been a month into 2021 and I will admit that I have already been killing my goal list.  Off to a great start on my weight loss challenge with RedPillDad, doing regular cold approaches when I am out and about in the world, hammering the online dating realm and setting up first dates in a relentless fashion, and also have a regular on my roster who fits some of the best criteria that I listed for my 2021 goals…to quote…”a girl with no gag reflex that adores blowing me and taking my massive Peter North sized load in her mouth.”  I actually hit the grand slam on this one cause she’s a multiple cummer, a squirter, and she has an insatiable appetite for my cock.  My writing of her to come soon readers, I promise!

The absolute best part of all of these goals being hit early, is that it has somehow fueled my financial goal in trading like I have never thought possible.  This year I had a pretty solid plan to trade 4 days a week, leaving Fridays optional, along with hitting a particular “point” goal in the futures realm.  My trading mentor ESWarhound mentioned that if you can average 5 points per contract a day, then you are one of the solid traders out there.  I usually trade 4 contracts on average per trade, and each month I plan to add a contract to my trade (for February I am trading 5 contracts per trade).  If you do the math, and know that I trade the E-mini S&P futures contracts, you can calculate that my annual goal for my futures trading is at the minimum of $475,000, not including taxes, trade costs, and allowing for 200 trade days per year which can vary.  

Do you even trade bro? I cut massive size on the ES!

I don’t normally have to trade bell to bell in order to accomplish my daily goals either.  Sometimes I’ll be up early and hitting the premarket action 2 hours before market open, and other times I’ll execute trades and be well past done within the first 2 hours of the day, before the European close.  Some days have a lot more clean opportunities but everyday has at least a handful.

January alone…I have been consistent with hitting well over that daily goal, and with only one losing day of -3 points per contract.  I recently had my best day ever last week where I was able to pull in 120 points per contract due to the high volatility of the market and along with some picture perfect setups dictated by auction market theory and volume profile.  On the average, my performance for January alone has been exemplary being north of 20 points per contract each day, literally quadruple my daily goal.  Ok, sorry if I lost you in all of that shit, but I tend to nerd out over trading.  My mentor and I sometimes discuss that the thrill of trading and winning the day big can be more exciting than sex, and yeah he is right.  But don’t worry readers, I would never dream of replacing the slaying of young 20’s pussy with cutting size on the ES…it’ll never happen.

What I do want to say is that with the successful achievement of my goals in relation to women, reaching those goals have literally driven me into such an intense focus when I’m engaged in the marketplace.  I swear, fresh new young pussy has such a way of driving a man to do his best, or at least this one.  

Tonight’s date, this 22 year old Venezuelan girl who’s extremely attractive, fit, and feminine.  She likes older men and also has a thirst for knowledge, especially in the realm of investing.  I’m just going to envision Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn saying this to me in my head during my date…

“I foresee her being a great side piece, young Jedi!”

I foresee you slaying a ton of pussy young Jedi!

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