When A Unicorn Scenario Crosses Your Path…DON’T FUCK IT UP

Hello readers!  I wanted to give a quick update of a very interesting date that happened last night, and which also relates to a date I had earlier last week!

So last Friday night I met up with a 22 year old Venezuelan girl, we’ll skip her name but we can call her catfish.  On her Hinge profile she had a lovely face, and given her height of 5’7″ and her body picture, she looked like a decent catch with maybe a nice sized big ass…and I don’t mind a little cushion especially if it’s a nice round ass on a girl.  From our short text convo she seemed to be dominant and intense, something I don’t really care for, but I wanted to get some practice in frame control, dominating my frame over hers like Sauron was going to dominate all of Middle Fucking Earth!


Did someone call me for domination?


She shows up, and as she starts walking over to my BDSM dungeon apartment location, I notice that I likely got catfished.  Same pretty face, but man she was packing a little more meat and in all the wrong places.  For guys who are titty fans, she’s a catch.  I’m an ass and legs man and that ass crammed in those jeans…well it looked like someone threw a dozen puppies in a trash bag to chuck into the fucking river.

This bag of puppies is too cute and wholesome…unlike the atrocity of this girls ass

I could literally hear Admiral Ackbar yelling “ITS A TRAP!”  Oh well, I had this girl come over to the lobby area where there was a nice bar setup.  I had a lovely Sonoma County Pinot Noir open and I felt like being an entertainer that night.  We had a nice conversation, enjoyed our wine and taught her some key techniques in how to evaluate a wine, and then she just went ahead and asked me when we’d meet again cause she really liked me (her hands on me, eye contact, her responses to my kino, etc.).  Just for shits and fucking giggles, I got her talking about all sorts of sexual stuff that she wanted to do to me…and this girl was pretty raunchy with her list of “things I must do to Lord Connery one night.”

Long story short, I just told her that I was leaving out of town for a few days and when I get back we might connect and see where the next date goes.  I was just going to block her cell and ghost her, or at least just tell her I wasn’t interested.  No need for me to be mean and call a girl out for catfishing.

Enter this week…I match with ANOTHER 22 year old Venezuelan but this one looks VERY NICE.  She matches me on Hinge and asks to please teach her about investing and that she’d be my perfect student.  I thought to myself….ooh we could have a nice student teacher setup where I guide her in the realm of learning investing (not an easy thing, and very time intensive) and she could provide services of my liking (I’ll let you fill in the blanks there).

A playful amount of messaging between us ensued…I teased her about wanting to just learn all my secrets and then wanting to discard me after she earns her billions LOL.  She asked me if we could meet the same night we matched.  I pitched the next evening and had her meet me at this local taphouse about 45 minutes from where she lived.  Always nice when they come to you!

When she came in…wow she was easily an 8.  Young and beautiful, excellent slim figure, her dark curly long hair, holy fucking shit did the lamb just walk into the lions den!  She sits down, and from our text convo she sent me a recording of her voice and directions on how to pronounce her name, rolling the “r.”  I told her that I was going to butcher her name just for shits and giggles but I did give a few practice tries and nailed it, and she instantly glowed…hands all over my arms saying “oh my you said it right, thank you!”  Yeah that was a huge IOI…so far so good!  

We started talking, the conversation went in many directions…learning investing to be financially independent, how she was married at 20 but just got a divorce at 22, and that she doesn’t want to depend on a man (her ex and her father) financially.  She asked if I wanted kids and I told her no and her reply “oh that’s good, neither do I, we can have a lot of fun and you can teach me.”

…And then she mentioned out of nowhere that she was going to swipe no on me at first since her best friend also matched me and that we already had a date.  I asked her who exactly was her friend and she said “oh you know who.”

What…The…Fuck.  4th largest city in the U.S. and I end up matching with this girls best friend.  I was taken for a few seconds and wondering where this convo was going to go.

I asked her why she was going to swipe no, but ended up swiping yes?  Her response…”well my friend met you and said she really liked you and wants to fuck you really bad, and knows that you also messaged me on Hinge so she didn’t want me to match as well.”  And I can see why…cause the best friend was a fucking catfish hog and this little tart is the real prize!  

And it doesn’t stop there…”well I matched you anyways cause I really want to learn investing but you’re also handsome and I don’t want to be in a serious relationship so we can have something casual…but I don’t want my friend to get mad either so you should fuck my friend first.”

Yeah, you heard that right…the cute tart wanted to make sure to secure my Jedi knowledge of the markets and was willing to step aside and let her friend have her way with me!  

I let her know that I wasn’t interested in her friend and just changed the conversation topic to her.  I went in for hyper-escalation and just started to tell her what I envisioned our agreement to be…to meet up on a weekly basis to not only have some learning done but to also have some fun together, no strings attached.

“Just as long as we can do one hour of learning, we can then do one hour of sex.”  Yeah…her words, not mine.  Super straightforward, this girl knew what she wanted and was willing to put her cards out on the table to get them.

The convo went into what we both liked sexually, she loved giving and receiving oral sex and loves when a guy cums in her mouth or puts it on her face cause “eating cum is good for me, and it’s also good for my skin…I leave it on for at least 5 minutes.”  Oh and did I mention she was on the shot for birth control?  I personally am getting snipped myself but it’s always nice when a girl mentions “I don’t want kids and the shot is so much easier than taking a pill everyday, don’t you think?”  And this convo is taking place next to a wholesome family of 5 enjoying a late night dinner…the husband and wife were just leaning over listening to this fun filled night!

I could fill in more details but that was the bulk of the convo.  At the end of the night she was going to head back and asked when our first session would start, and I told her let’s meet up Thursday and she happily agreed.  We kissed in the parking lot

I literally felt like I just did 10 lines of cocaine off a clowns boner…was this actually fucking real?  Was this hot Venezuelan 8 going to be receiving both my investing knowledge and my bountiful jizzloads in that cute little mouth of hers?  I must be fucking dreaming!

Well I hate to kill the buzz of the story but when I reached out to her to double check about the time on Thursday she sent me a text saying that she thought about everything and she felt uncomfortable cause she didn’t want to jeopardize her friendship with her bestie.  

I texted back and brushed it off “no worries, if you change your mind you have my number, have a good one.”  But deep down inside I wondered WHAT THE FUCK…I must have fucked this up big time…was I way too aggressive?  Her messenger on WhatsApp no longer showed her picture so I was sure I was blocked.

So what the fuck did I do wrong…I usually follow BlackDragon’s 2 date model, but my coach RedPillDad has also mentioned to me that if it’s on and certain, that I should go for the same day lay (SDL).  I mentioned to my coach that I would consider the SDL if I wasn’t going to consider the girl as a regular on the roster…yeah that’s me being a fucking moron guys.  RedPillDad mentioned that all the hyper escalation really set the stage for the SDL and that I should always have some sort of plan, whether my BDSM dungeon was close or far.  

What’s funny is the fluidness of going from 2 date model to SDL completely relates to my trading world, and something similar happened today during the market hours.  A friend and I were focused on being short the ES, even though there were other indications that the market kept finding buyers and the aggression was to the upside.  Being able to quickly see the changes and go from short to long is a real big deal psychologically in the market.  I kept mentioning to my friend that it felt like buyers are on a rampage so I calibrated my actions and kept shorts on a tight leash, but also looked for long opportunities.  Knowing that I keep nimble in the market and can go from short to long should give me the same mindset in the dating realm, when I’m on a first date and things are going so well that I should switch from a 2 date system posture to the same day lay.

My coach also mentioned that girls act absolutely irrational when it comes to competing for the alpha seed.  If one girl is competing for the seed (in this case the catfish), then she’ll do whatever it takes to block the other girl (her cute friend) in getting the same seed.  

RedPillDad also mentioned that my hyper escalation that night led to massive ASD (anti-slut defense) which in turn led her to make the decision to not go through with it.  Basically I need to tone it the fuck down.  I first should have recognized this when I got a match a few weeks ago from a Chinese girl off Hinge when she replied “daddy” to my picture of the girl with the belt around her neck.  Side story…Chinese girl had a 5 year toxic abusive relationship and she just wanted something casual and get more sexual experience.  I wasn’t able to meet up with her but we did a phone call and just talked about what she’d be down for.  Well after the call and a few days later she changed her mind and just wasn’t ready for anything.  Maybe that was the shot across the bow that I should be a little more reserved…

So what to do now….well my Thursday still has 2 dates!  I have a first date with a cute 21 year old girl from SA meeting at a bar, doing the 1 hour date of BlackDragon’s 2 date model, and then a date with the lovely intellectual girl I met off SA and have already had a first date with.  Intellectual girl would be a great addition to the roster and I did pitch the 2nd date at my place but she needed one more public meeting before coming over for wine, so I was fine calibrating for more comfort.  If the cute 21 year old date goes well, I’ll let her know I have a client meeting but will be free after if she’s down, and if the SDL opportunity comes about, we’ll likely get it going.  Oh and Friday my Latina regular and I are enjoying the extended version of Fellowship of the Rings while I also make a POV video for her (see text below)…

oh the texts I get from this girl…blissful I tell you…blissful

And what to do about the cute Venezuelan…is there any way to even salvage that shit?  I mentioned to RedPillDad that I was going to message the fat catfish saying that I have a change of priority and really want to hit my financial goals this year of “reaching $1 million” and that I want to put my galavanting with young girls on the backburner for now (a complete fucking lie by the way…who would want to do that?).  If those two are best friends, perhaps the word gets out to the cute Venezuelan and spins the wheels in her mind about wanting to learn investing again.  Maybe she’ll reach back on out…maybe she’ll find me on Hinge again since I’m resetting my account.  And if she blocked my number she can unblock it.  But if nothing comes about…oh well fuck it, I must maintain an abundance mentality.  There’s always a cum hungry girl out there that just needs to be discovered, and Lord Connery is forever on his quest to find such girls!


8 thoughts on “When A Unicorn Scenario Crosses Your Path…DON’T FUCK IT UP”

  1. >>the cute tart wanted to make sure to secure my Jedi knowledge of the markets and was willing to step aside and let her friend have her way with me!

    this one’s a good candidate for sex clubs and non-monogamy. giving off lots of slut tells. well done overall

  2. Hey man, great lay report. You’re at a fun stage of game where you’re making things happen but still putting together the pieces.

    > Basically I need to tone it the fuck down
    — RPD

    Yeah… I think you’re talking about sex too much. I used to do the same.

    This ^ girl and I seemed so on, immediately. We talked a bunch of sex… but I played myself on that one. I actually tried to SDL, but I did it AFTER I “shot my load” by talking about sex too much. I don’t run dates like that anymore.

    I think the ASD stuff is overblown (an overly simple “male thinking” kind of theory), but there does seem to be a problem with too much verbalizing of sex. We should be “show, don’t tell.” You spike with “vibe” and “non verbal tension” and physicality, or just get her alone and physically escalate. Fuck talk, pre-sex… Is usually a false flag.

    > girls act absolutely irrational when it comes to competing for the alpha seed

    There is something off about THIS ^, IMAO. If that is true… Why aren’t they both trying to fuck you?? Of course girls want alpha, but there is another way to look at this situation and the “alpha” thing is distracting here…

    The lesson here is about female friendships and chick culture. There are some super low class chicks that steal guys from their friends… But mostly… That will cost them girl status, so they won’t do it. Particularly in overt, logical ways.

    With the second one… I would have played down the sex, got her alone, then crossed the threshold physically – and QUICKLY. If it’s gonna happen, spin her into it quickly, so it’s a visceral, not a “mental” process.

    I am not playing up “plausible deniability” here either. I think “plausible deniability” is another over played “boy thinking” theory… But keeping it verbally unspoken, and then closing hard could make a situation like this work. She is “overwhelmed” by the situation, not conspiring into it. That is how smooth, grown up men do it. (As a secondary point, that would pass the “plausible deniability” concept as well).

    I think she was never going to happen, thou. And you’d know it from all the pre-sex fuck talk. She doesn’t seem real. Just like your Asian that disappeared. I think that is a sign it’s going to be a waste of time. Maybe both those girls like to “tease” and flirt with danger. Or maybe there is something that can be done about it…

    I have more to say on this, but I’ll take that part back to Twitter.

    > we can have something casual
    Certain scenes talk like this… but this sounds like “bait” (and BS) to me. I would have fucked with her for even saying that. Talk like that is what our immature side wants to hear, but it’s not how it usually happens. That is not “normal” girl behavior to announce that. That is not a “strong man leading a girl into a good thing.” It’s a “contract.” YMMV.

    > we did a phone call and just talked about what she’d be down for

    There are many ways to play the Game… and you might be deep into some scene where announcing all your moves is the right thing to do (I doubt it… the “communication” play is modern BS). But there is vein of theory in game that action > verbals, every time. A lot of serious guys I have studied would lean on this point. I am a very verbal guy. I still talk (a lot), but we can use words in other ways… beyond being sexually explicit.

    > I went in for hyper-escalation

    That is hyper verbalization. Not the same as escalation at all. And girls with any experience can feel the difference.

    Krauser was talking about “communicating in grunts and shoves.” And that nails the spirit of what I am trying say. That is cutting it back to what is really “animal” and real about sexuality. All the discussion about what she likes/doesn’t like, or where she wants it to go… “having the talk” before you’ve fucked her…

    I think a weaker path than you could be running.

    I would suggest you assume she doesn’t know what she wants. Every time. That is more accurate in my experience. “What she wants” is for you to test, to prove out, to help her discover. I might tell a girl that, specifically, on a date (that is one of my favorite kinds of displays of dominance). That would create as much or more tension than “come on my face” talk, but playing from a more serious level.

    Great post. I am following your site now. You’re “horsy” and rough in your stage of Game… but that is a really fun place to be. You’ll pull off a bunch of BS things that I wouldn’t even try anymore… tons of fun and you’ll learn a lot.

    Viva Lord Connery.

  3. That’s a shame, I hear the Venezuelans could do with a lesson or two on investing. Otherwise I agree: the moral of the story is to strike when the iron is hot. Girls appear to downgrade guys who don’t take their chances and upgrade guys that do.

  4. I think, it’s also not unlikely that the hot one was (sub-consciously) blocking her less hot friend from fucking you.
    She swooped in, got hyper sexual and once she got confirmation from you, that you are not interested in her friend, she dropped off the radar.
    Sneaky, but girls can really be ruthless when it comes taking out competitors.

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