Crazy Pakistani off Seeking Arrangement

Fellow readers…I officially have a stalker, and holy shit this has brought back some memories!  Before I describe some of the creepy crazy qualities of this Pakistani girl, I must go back and tell some tales of my past, only cause they’re just fun to share.  While I write this, a constant influx of messages from her keeps hitting my SA inbox.  I’ll post these goodies at the end.

I must admit…it’s been a while since I’ve been stalked by the opposite sex for some time.  In my college days I used to work at an Italian deli out in Torrance California, as well as a Starbucks in Redondo Beach.  One particular large German girl used to strut into the deli, come right to the counter and order some of the most delicious meats and cheeses, talk to me about old Duesenberg cars, and was extremely forward with wanting to take me home and have her way with me, and probably involves a big bear sandwich with meats and cheese.  I politely declined for many reasons…I had a slim girlfriend who emptied my load every single day, and I wasn’t into big girls…sorry ladies but when you message me asking why I’m not into BBW’s on Seeking…well at this moment in my life I have to also think of my lumbar spines health!

You like that big bear sandwich? It’s got meats and cheese!

Well I figured I nicely let her down and that would be the end of it right?  Nope dot com…she asked a few coworkers at the deli where I lived, and although that information was not revealed, someone did tell this girl that I worked at a Starbucks in the evenings.  Here I am making some high maintenance drinks for this one couple from Manhattan Beach (quad venti soy no foam mint mocha, and a quad grande soy no foam vanilla latte…yeah how the FUCK do I still remember that shit???? ITS BEEN FUCKING 20 YEARS….), and there she comes pulling up and approaching the premises.  I ducked under the counter and told my coworker I needed to hide…and at first, I would figure she’d eventually get it, that I wasn’t interested despite her numerous attempts to see me during my work shifts.  But, like Captain Picard said in Star Trek First Contact…”the line must be drawn HERE, no further!”  One visit I just went out and talked with her and asked her what she wanted.  I reminded her that I had a girlfriend who I was happy with, and she instantly came back saying she had a boyfriend as well and that she was just interested in a side fling.  And part of me just thought…fuck it why not, give this big girl a run for her money in the sheets and maybe she’ll treat you to some nice things in life, especially being a poor college student working two jobs and popping Adderall XR’s just to handle a Physics/Applied Math double major.  But no…I was going to hold my ground like Picard!  

“I just don’t like big girls, I like my girls petite.”

Yeah…I said that…to her face…in front of other customers, since the discussion we were having was public (hey, I had drinks to make for tweaked out caffeine junkies, I can’t break for a one on one private convo!).  

“Well fuck you then, you probably have a little dick anyways!”  She yells.  And then she storms out and bails.

My coworker had to joke at the end “You’re right, I have actually seen it!”  I looked at him and just started bursting in laughter and then went on with my day.

The other stalker story wasn’t as interesting, but involved a much older guy in a Dodge Ram Van.  He’d just come in all the time during my shifts and order his coffee, sit down and STARE at me with this creepy smile, like he was fucking me in his mind.  I never really asked him about it, cause he was quite polite to me and never made a scene.  He eventually stopped coming in.  I always wondered though, what was in his van….

This van totally seems legit…right?

Ok, so onto the Pakistani girl!  Feb 3rd she messages me on SA, her profile picture looks nice…that of a conservatively dressed girl of Middle Eastern descent, very scant profile not offering much info.  Our discussion goes along and I find out she’s on this site to check up on her ex.  Well there it is guys, shot across the fucking bow!

WARNING SIGN #1:  Makes a profile to check up on her ex…showing needy characteristics…move forward at your own risk Mr. Stark.

Convo continues, small talk ensues, we go on about my profile and she asks if I would settle for being monogamous.  I guess she didn’t read that my profile says non-monogamous open relationship, or maybe she did and wanted to press her views on me…well I told her that I run an open marriage and enjoy sex with other girls outside the marriage.  She immediately takes offense that I don’t conform to society’s rules and sanctity of marriage.  That’s fine, go find someone who fits your needs, I went to wish her good luck and blocked her and moved on.

Not 15 minutes later, she made a new account just so she could contact me and apologize for blowing up at me, and that she was lonely and sad and wanted to talk.  

WARNING #2:  Remaking a profile to reconnect after being blocked, signs of an internet psycho (good song by Disturbed!).  Proceed with caution Mr. Stark.

From here, I just start letting her know she seems way too needy for my taste.  She actually admits it of course and says that it was something that drove her ex away from her (wow, she figured that one out by herself?).  At that moment I sort of felt pity for her, like how Frodo had pity for Smeagol as the lanky little fucker would scream about while bound by elven rope.  She actually reminded her of myself when I went through a horrible breakup in my early college days…so I went ahead and messaged her back and told her we’ll meet up for coffee and I can see about helping her become “less needy” if that were possible.  In reality I just wanted to see if this girl had the crazy Middle Eastern eyes, like if she wanted to come in strapped with plastic explosives into a populated area…ok maybe that’s me going too far, but I just had to satisfy my curiosity!  Me also being a scientist wanted to take more data points as I go forth with my open marriage and dating outside girls, and see if I can get a learning experience to write about that could even help others.  It was for science guys, I swear!


We meet up over this recent weekend at Starbucks.  She has no mask, so I tease her and ask if her makeup’d face is too good to wear a mask, and she admits she forgot (ok you’re a moron already, – 50 points for Gryffindor).  I’m not the biggest mask fan guys, but it’s pretty easy to just observe what is currently going on at the moment.  Anyways, we grab our drink and we head to the lobby of the apartment complex ACROSS from where my play apartment is located.

“Oh my brother lives just across from this place.”  Are you fucking kidding me?  So now if I actually want to fuck this girl, she could easily make reasons to start showing up at my place unannounced.  I could see it now, either I’d be enjoying one of my regulars and she comes pounding on the door, or the wife is with one of her dates and she comes pounding on the door.  Either way…there’s yet another fucking deal breaker.  She’s already crazy, and the interest of the short term gratification of fucking her sweet Paki pussy and blowing a Peter North style load all over that pretty dark face and raven hair of hers…well that isn’t worth the potential pain of stalker mcstalkerpants pounding at the door of my getaway location.  

WARNING #3:  She’s got some immediate family way too close to comfort.  Mr. Stark, engage defense systems immediately.  Abort mission.

So we sit down in the lobby and start talking.  Her hands are all over mine, leaning into me, she’s constantly complimenting me on being smart and very attractive.  At one point she tells me that I “make her tingle down there.”  I was going to treat this as a usual encounter, and thus taking a lesson from I was going to push away on her sexual comment.

“I’m sure that’s just the seat you’re sitting on…and don’t think you’re just going to be taken upstairs and get your way with me, I’m not that easy.”  Yes, I learned my lesson from Nash, I was going to push away from the sexual comment with this girl.

The convo goes into some of my past, on how I dealt with a brutal breakup early in my dating career and how I got over it.  I gave her some advice on some other life items, such as some general directions on where to go with her life, and then I ended the convo and walked her to her car.

Later she messaged me online asking about when we’ll meet up next and if I’m going to take her up to my place and fuck her good.  She had all sorts of desires she wanted to be fulfilled, and admitted to only having one orgasm in her life.  Maybe that’s why she was so fucking nutty, for only having one orgasm and being so sexually frustrated.  She then went on to ask if I would be sleeping with other girls if we did see each other, to which I responded a yes and for the reason that I was not changing my stripes as a non-monogamous guy running an open marriage.  Again, this was addressed to her before and she blew up with crazy emotions ranting on about not wanting to be a side girl, and demanding that I be her one and only…and that’s where the observation simply had to end.  My last message to her was “you and I aren’t going to work out, you’ll need to let that sit in your mind, good luck out there and I hope you find a guy that will make you happy.”  And I blocked her…and of course she made another profile messaging me again!  Persistent little Paki!

Well, as I write this last paragraph, she’s messaged me 10 more times, and as promised, the pics are below.  I’ll have to reach out to the admins at SA and make sure she cannot contact me by any means.  And why am I writing about this?  I figure any of my readers that are in the same situation as me, sort of new to game or running an open marriage and manage to run across someone like this…all I can say is run for the fucking hills.  In my risk assessment, this juice is definitely not worth the squeeze.  Even when I sat at the computer talking with my coach

RedPillDad, he reminded me that if I am trying hard to justify something that I should do, that it’s a good indication that I should probably let it go cause it’s just not worth the collateral damage.  Some girls that are crazy can indeed be very scary.  No crazy girl, however willing to bed you easily and give her access to her sweet little vagina and other holes, is worth it if you feel that your overall sanity will be compromised.  Make sure to maintain the abundance mentality, that there are so many other girls out there that are much less crazy, and have warm and inviting vaginas that need your hard pounding.  

She deactivated her profile, it is done! Or is it?

And of course after she deletes her profile…she’s back at it again!  Within 15 minutes!  I should start taking over/under bets between delete and remake profile times!

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