An Update As Well As A Rave Review!

Hello fellow readers! Some of you might have thought “Lord Connery, oh where have you been good sir!  Disappear in some sort of debaucherous ordeal?”  No I did not fall off the face of the Earth…I have just been busy hitting my goals!  One of my earlier posts on this blog laid out some of the goals that I had for 2021 and I have already nailed this years goals within the first 4 months!  I’ll cover a few of them in detail.  But first, I want to write up a rave review of my coach RedPillDad

When I first started this journey back in late November 2020, I had a bit of weight to shed, I had no fucking clue on how to approach women, nor have the confidence to as well (had the unusual fear of approaching women), and my sex life was ok as I was banging the wife at least twice a week and the sex was decent.  RedPillDad guided me on how to do cold approach in daygame as well as set up profiles for maximum success in the online dating realm.  I started to shed my fear by doing cold approach no matter how fucking painful it was…I went full force into a diet and workout protocol to get my physical attributes optimized…and I started to message girls online and get dates set up.


Where has it led me now?  I’m currently down 40 pounds from my starting weight and under 15% bodyfat and on my way to 10% in the next 2 months…I am absolutely FEARLESS cold approaching girls in person…I have optimized my Seeking Arrangement profile to run salt daddy game and I am racking in dates and lays with various cute girls (7+ and 18-23 years old, with some outliers from 24-29, and a 36 year old single mother of 3).  


So with that said, to any of my readers out there that aren’t sure where to start, all I can say is contact RedPillDad and utilize his services!  Put in the work and dedication and your dick will be wet with tender pussy juice.  Feed off that young women energy fellas, they are the lifeblood for us!


Ok back to the update!


The body recomposition challenge I’ve already nailed well ahead of schedule.  15% bodyfat was to be reached by June 1st and that goal was reached just about 3 weeks ago.  I went on 3 weeks maintenance eating along with doing some much more intense weightlifting sessions.  And now I’m going to utilize my SGX protocol and coast to the 10% goal by the July 31st deadline.  Once I nail 10% I will then shift to a bulk routine and likely do RFL for quick cuts, likely 6-8 weeks bulk and then 2 weeks RFL.  I’m definitely not looking to get HUGE cause I really don’t want to rebuy all those nice clothes that I got.  


My woman goal…holy fucksticks…I never even knew it was going to be possible to hit this so fast!  Just to cut to the chase before I go into detail, this is what I’ve achieved so far…


Regular #1 27 year old petite Latina, the sex drive on her is amazing.  Nerdy gamer girl that loves sci-fi, I’ve recently introduced her to Doctor Who and she would be the companion if I was “The Doctor.”  Masochistic, really loves getting punished with the bamboo paddle or chained to the St. Andrews Cross.  Has been calling me “daddy” and “papi” during sex…If I upload an audio clip for y’all to hear…it’s sheer bliss!  Super tight pussy, almost too tight where it squeezes the blood out of my dick!  Constantly loves to suck my dick and enjoys face fucking.  Also absolutely loves my cum and has asked me to put it in her drinks and food.  She’s a keeper for as long as this goes for sure.


Regular #2 20 year old light skinned black girl, 5’8” and a TIGHT body with a cheeky ass, oh and she has this lovely curly hair I regularly pull.  Lovely manners on this girl very proper..until you pull those panties off and get some fingers in her….then the little whore comes out!  Tight pussy, multiple cummer and admits to enjoying rough sex.  She sought me out for mentorship since she wanted to know more about the world, and is also interested in learning about the stock market.


Regular #3 18 year old super slim white girl, 5’5” 115 lbs and loves to please.  Also a multiple cummer.  My favorite is slinging this girls legs over my arms and fucking her while standing…lowering that sweet little pussy on my dick.  Found me on SA and just loves the fact that I’m a tall older man who knows how to fuck her right.  She comes over to the play apartment every Thursday at 5pm like clockwork, ready to get fucked good.  


With my super busy schedule, I chose to work with my coach RedPillDad with online dating, mainly using Seeking Arrangement since I’m an older guy looking to date younger girls.  Guys, I will tell you right now, if you take care of yourself by working out and getting fit, dress well, and get some professional pictures, you will have a MASSIVE advantage on Seeking Arrangement.  You also do need some sort of social skills and cannot come across as a creeper (most girls I talk to on SA tell me the site is FULL of them).  Now a disclaimer, and RedPillDad can vouch, I am a rather handsome fellow and also tall at 6’3” so that does give me the high ground.

I have the high ground!

Some other highlights that I’ve experienced off of Seeking Arrangement:


  • Plentiful amount of 18-23 year old girls that have reached out to me to date an older man, not looking for financial gain at all.  And those who may have hinted at it don’t even bother asking after they had their first sex session and multiple orgasms with me.  I swear if you want to work that financial gold digger shit out of a girl, just fuck it out of her.  Billy Dee Williams would say “Works every time.”
  • Approached by a 29 year old Philipino woman who says her 65 year old husband wants to watch me fuck his wife.  Always horny and aching to get fucked, she looks pretty good so I figure I’ll give it a shot.  Had a meetup with the couple, discussed boundaries and objectives and have a date set for the first “cuck” session where I get to be a bull.  First time for everything!
  • 36 year old Italian single mom of 3 who wanted to learn about sex and get what she was missing all her life.  She was fun, but was only available once every 2 weeks.  She fucked great, was really hot, begged for me to always cum in her mouth (which she was given my essence), but she was a bit simple in the head and also a hopeless romantic that wanted more much beyond getting fucked.


Oh yeah, and the Paki girl still stalks me on Seeking Arrangement, and even has her friends getting on her to message me for dates.  Fucking crazy broad she is, but whatevs!

5 thoughts on “An Update As Well As A Rave Review!”

  1. Interesting, I did SA salt daddy thing a few times, but even when I explicitly posted on my profile about not having a transactional relationship, and talking about it on the date, it was always expected… but maybe I just didn’t bang hard enough.

    How have your cold approach results been with an open marriage? For me it’s ridiculously rare to find someone that’s ok with it. It’s the main reason I’ve stuck with doing online game, it’s right there in my profile so it’s no surprise.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog Devan! I don’t put anything on my profile about not having a transactional relationship. What’s good is that most of the girls out for money aggressively message you so you know what to expect when you reply. Girls that view and like my profile, I’ll usually open them just by sharing my photos, and go from there. Once in a while I’ll do a search to see what young girls are active and if any pique my interest, I’ll go ahead and send out messages, but just about all the girls that I’ve laid on Seeking Arrangement have reached out to me first in some sort of form.

      As for cold approach, I have only just started to push this more since my weight loss has been showing nicely and I’ve gotten a lot of IOIs. My regulars all are from online dating, so they know what to expect from me in terms of what type of relationship is to be had. The girls I end up laying thru cold approach will likely be one time lays at least, and perhaps a few lays at best before they realize what I’m all about.

      I actually got my first number from cold approach the other day, a cute 19 year old cashier who I have a date with this Friday. We’ll see if I can break into some new territory and get my first lay from cold approach!

  2. Ah, so when a girl brings it up (either in text or on a date) that’s when you clarify you’re not a paying customer?

    With the cold approach girls, I don’t wear my ring, and always mention the OM by the time the date happens. Ideally I lose them before the date since I don’t want to waste my time on girls that’ll freak out about it.

    1. If a girl brings it up on SA messaging, such as allowance or PPM I don’t even bother with them. I usually let them know before I get a girl on the payroll I have to see if there’s chemistry first. They’ll play the line of “assuming there’s chemistry, what are we talking about in terms of financial help?” That’s where I just end the conversation there. I have only had a girl from SA mention allowance once on the first date, and she did it in the most crafty manner possible, playing it off in her profile that she didn’t need money, and then hitting me with it on the date.

      I will usually ask girls that I FUCK first what brought them to Seeking Arrangement, and their responses are mostly to date older men but some have also mentioned mentorship as well as financial assistance. I usually turn the convo into asking if a bunch of sweaty fat ugly guys have offered money for feet pics, or some other silly fetish.

      So far I have 3 regulars, 1 from Hinge and 2 from SA, and all 3 girls are very much interested in me not only as an older man, but are also looking for mentorship. I don’t mind at all taking any of my regulars out for dinners or drinks, and I enjoy buying lingerie for all of them and will randomly bring a little bag with something nice to wear. I don’t do this cause it’s asked of me, I do this cause I enjoy it and I also have the financial means for much more. Most of my regulars just enjoy their time with me, over at my play apartment with my open bar, I will make them drinks, we’ll romp around in the sheets, use the St Andrews Cross, etc. Pool season is right around the corner as well!

      I don’t bother wearing a wedding ring, but sometimes when I need to hide from Uruk Hai, I will use The One Ring to disappear into the netherworld. For cold approach I’m not looking for regulars, just lays. Just like my girls from SA I will make sure to mention the fact that I’m non-monogamous and looking for fun, so despite being married, it won’t be an issue. If I’m directly asked about being married or have kids, I just answer honestly and mention I have no reason to lie. Once I get more cold approaches and lays from such under my belt, I’ll see if I have to make any changes on what I do.

  3. Thanks for replying, I don’t run into guys with open marriages vary often and am always curious how they manage finding new partners. I’ve had good streaks pre-COVID, especially during travel where I don’t even mention being married or non-monogamous.

    Now you got me curious to fire up SA again.

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