An Update As Well As A Rave Review!

Hello fellow readers! Some of you might have thought “Lord Connery, oh where have you been good sir!  Disappear in some sort of debaucherous ordeal?”  No I did not fall off the face of the Earth…I have just been busy hitting my goals!  One of my earlier posts on this blog laid out some of the goals that I had for 2021 and I have already nailed this years goals within the first 4 months!  I’ll cover a few of them in detail.  But first, I want to write up a rave review of my coach RedPillDad

Positive Feedback Loops – How achieving goals in one area create momentum and drive you to achieve other goals faster

Hello readers, Lord Connery in for another writing on this fine evening.  I’m currently hanging out at a Common Bond Cafe and Bistro, doing a call with a prospective client, and then meeting a lovely 22 year old Venezuelan for a first date, looking to follow Blackdragon’s Two Date Model.

Body Recomposition Challenge with RedPillDad!

Negative motivation…what a powerful tool it is.

My current negative motivator is quite a large one, pun intended.  A body recomposition challenge that I am engaged in with my coach RedPillDad is as follows:  We started roughly the same time in late December post Christmas munchies.  Both RedPillDad and I are very tall and built guys, 6 foot 3 inches and starting in at 260 pounds, and although our physical frames look decent for guys our sizes, we both know that getting super leaned out would make it much easier bringing women into our lives, well definitely for RedPillDad since I am well behind him in the skills of game!  But I am determined to catch up!

Goal Time Means Go Time!


It’s always nice to get a solid start on the New Year.  I’m never one to set up any New Year’s resolutions, as I find them absolutely silly…does that sound too gay to say silly?  Ah, fuck it.  Instead I like to set particular goals for myself that I’d like to achieve within the year.  Sometimes these goals are short and sweet, whereas others are key parts that need to be completed to achieve a larger multi-year goal, such as an end game income target.  It’s best to always break down much larger goals into executable pieces, so you do not get lost navigating towards the bigger picture accomplishment that you seek to achieve in your life. Continue reading